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DMA VMR Reset Delay

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DMA VMR Reset Delay

Hi all,


When creating a VMR on the DMA and selecting a created Conference Template to utilise a conference profile on the RMX's you have the option to have the conference terminated when 1 participant remains in the conference on the RMX.


This option is not available in the standard conference templates on the DMA.


The problem we are experiencing, once a conference is terminated, the DMA takes up to 55 seconds to reset the VMR and then users can dial back into the same VMR number.


Previously when the VMR Meeting Room was hosted on the RMX with the CMA4000 Solution, a conference was terminated and then a user was able to dial back into the VMR with no delay.


Please can anyone advise if there is a flag or a setting on the DMA so that a terminated VMR can be recreated when it has been terminated? This is very frustrated for users as they have to wait 55 seconds before they can dial back into a terminated VMR.


Current DMA Version: 6.4.1_P7_Build_241688

RMX 1500 Version:


Kind Regards,

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Karthik  Sivaram
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Re: DMA VMR Reset Delay

Hello LeRoux,
Have you checked with the following option on the the RMX ?

Conference Profiles >Auto Terminate >Before First Joins
Karthik Sivaram

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Re: DMA VMR Reset Delay

Hi there,


The Auto Terminate is currently set to 10 before Join.


This is not the issue, when the last particpant remains, the Meeting on the RMX is detroyed, but then it takes almos up to 90 seconds before it resets and can dial to the VMR number created on the DMA.


Can the DMA not instantly reset the VMR, this is causing massive headaches for back to back meetings?

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