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DMA & Lync Integration - Different Domains

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DMA & Lync Integration - Different Domains



We are evaluating the possibility to integrate our DMA and Lync. Our IT technician pointed out a possible problem. The DMA is under a different forest (domain) than the Microsoft Lync. He talked about some possible solutions but it seemed to be very difficult and I was wondering if there is an easy to do this.


Their first suggestions was to install a Microsoft Lync under the DMA domain. And then federate this new one to our existing MIcrosoft Lync.


The second suggestion was about to deploy a trusted certificate between both forests, using AD FS to do this but I couldn't understand this suggestion.


Have anyone tried something similar and succeeded?




Fabio Rigotto
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Re: DMA & Lync Integration - Different Domains



Just curious, what makes you think this would not work? Active Directory integration on the DMA has very little to do with Lync. With the Lync integration, we are creating static routes to the DMA from Lync. Even the new RealConnect feature where the DMA creates an automatic cascade link between the RMX and the Lync AV/MCU would be spported in this envirnoment. The only requirement that I can think off is to make sure the CA certificate for both Lync and DMA is trusted between each other.



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