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DMA external redirect issue

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DMA external redirect issue

Hi all,


I was wondering if someone can help me with an issue I seem to be having getting VC to the Internet working via our relatively new polycom solution.


To give a quick run down of our setup.


The place I work is basically formed of many sister companies that interconnect together over a WAN.  Each sister company does not explicitly trust each other as such firewalling is common at each WAN entry point,  To enable point-to-point calling by RPD/RPM we have implemented an RPAD that governs the calls and alleviates security concerns raised by the varying companies. 


We have a varied deployment of HDX's across the system and communication between them is done via VMRs - Again reducing security complications.  We obviously have a gatekeeper (DMA) and resource manager, and finally calling to the Internet is also possible by the polycom VBP.


When we create a conference to an external agency from a HDX everything works, in the logs I can see redirection from the DMA to VBP.


However when we initiate a connection from RPD/RPM I can see the RPAD involvement and connectivity to the DMA, however the DMA does not redirect the call, the DMA itself tries to initiate the connection to the external address.


When the HDX call works I see a rule called 'Route internet call through Session Border Controller' this though never appears on the logs for calls that go via the RPAD.


Within the site topology the RPAD is set as an individual /32 address, when I try to set using H323 to the Internet via a SBC I continually get invalid IP address.


To save me banging my head further against the wall I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of what could be wrong here.


All help much appreciated. 

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