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DMA7000-Any changes in backup file size in new versions?

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DMA7000-Any changes in backup file size in new versions?

Hello, we recently upgraded our DMA 7000 from version 6.3.0 to 6.3.2.  When doing our weekly backup, we noticed that the sizes of the backups have dropped drastically.  Pre-patch, the file size was between 255,000 to 261,00 KB for a full backup.  Now we are getting 765-901 KB.  I reviewed the release notes and the new version of the operation guides but didn't see anyting mentioned about changes in the backup process.  I went through the settings and didn't see any changes on adding or subtracting specific items to your back up.


Has anyone else noticed this or have any idea what the patch might have broke/turned off that we can get working again?  Or is this just a change in the process that didn't make the documentation?


I have attached a screen shot showing our DMA backup directory with a comparison of the last 10 DMA auto/user backups.  You can see the entry on the 15th was the user generated one right before patch application and everything that follows is tiny.


Any help is appreciated.