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DMA7000 integration with Codian ISDN Gateway 3241

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DMA7000 integration with Codian ISDN Gateway 3241

Please can anybody assist me in configuring a DMA7000 v6.0.2 to support a Codian ISDN Gateway 3241?
In DMA release notes it is listed as tested and supported.
But all efforts will result in not working behaviour. Please help in any case.
Has anybody a kind of hands-on document how to realise this registration?
Thanks for help in advance

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Re: DMA7000 integration with Codian ISDN Gateway 3241

Having no detailed information about the issue it's impossible to give any definitive answer. In any case you can try to use the workaround activating the Codian built-in gatekeeper and configuring it as a neighbor with DMA GK.


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