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Dail out from DMA to Avaya Session Manager

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Dail out from DMA to Avaya Session Manager

Hi there


Has anyone done a script which strips the dial string and replaces it with a Custom number on the DMA.

I have a Provisioned environment with endpoints using AD credentials to register to the Polycom environment.


Ive setup a trust between the DMA and the Avaya Session Manager, with this I have configured Direct Dial in, which works.

I have also setup a dial rule to dial out by dialing a prefix and a number to be routed to the Avaya session manager and then out.


The problem I have is when I dial, my calls are getting routed correctly, but the Service provider is blocking the call as the Dial String has a Name ( the service require digits.


When I manual register the endpoint using a number 123456789, they call gets routed and passed by the Service provider.


My question is, 

is there a way that I can remove the 'yourname' and automatically replace it with a generic phone number, so when it gets sent to the Avaya session manager the calls gets approved without having to change every endpoint.



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