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Domain name dialling failure


Domain name dialling failure


I am using DMA 7000 (Ver 6.4.0) RPRM (Ver 9.0) & RPAD (Ver 4.2).

Created 3 sites in RPRM. Site name "HO" consisting all the infra including H/W endpoints, Site "RPAD" containing RPAD external link & "Internet" site is there. All 3 sites are linked with each other.

I am able to make as well as receive call from external endpoint device both on H.323 & SIP when dialling by IP address.

However when i am trying o dial the same by domain name for example H.323: call is not maturing.

In DMA call log it is showing unresolved. In DMA using Test Dial rules it is rejecting the call.

IN all 3 server DNS is configured. What could be the root cause.

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Re: Domain name dialling failure

Any clue on this.

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Re: Domain name dialling failure

had the same issue earlier but i got it fixed.


try to ping any external host name from DMA. it should resolve hostname to IP address. if it idoes not resolve to IP address then the communication between your DMA and DNS is incorreclty configured.


another trick, in the dialrule, move up the dial external networks by h323 and SIP to number 4 and try.



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Re: Domain name dialling failure



Did you resolve it?

Could you tell me how do it?


Thank you very much.

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