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Gatekeeper authentication through VBP-ST


Gatekeeper authentication through VBP-ST

Good afternon all,


The company I work for has a full Polycom infrastructure dedicated to the internal devices.


This infrastructure is composed of a DMA, a RPRM, a RMX, and a VBP-E.


I've been asked to extend our video services to some users on remote offices, equiped with some HDX4500 on public internet Ip's.


I asked Polycom to lend me a VBP-ST and have been trying to implement the "Centralized Gatekeeper Configuration" described on page 81 of the VBP-ST admin guide. What I'd want is for the VBP-ST to act as a signalling and media proxy for my remote devices.


So far, everything works nice and smooth if H.235 authentication is disabled on the DMA.

However, as soon as i turn H.235 authentication on, my remote devices do not register anymore to the DMA via the VBP-ST, and I can see that my devices are "rejected" in the DMA registration history.


Does the VBP-ST support H.235 authentication, or am I doing something wrong ?


Best regards



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Re: Gatekeeper authentication through VBP-ST

Hi Patrick,

I had the same issue when I did that few days ago. Did you manage to solve the problem ?

I´m trying to find if VBP-SP supports H.323 authentication -which is actually H.235 annex D- but there is nothing about it. Have you ever try the same with Access Director?





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