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Gateway H323-SIP for external call

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Gateway H323-SIP for external call



I search a solution for internal h323 call and use SIP for external call.


But with VBP don't possible to configure a H323-SIP gateway


DMA is a H323-SIP gateway just for endpoint registerd on it, not for external call.


I would like to know if a solution exist on Polycom for it.


Thank you for your help

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Re: Gateway H323-SIP for external call



You can add SIP trunk between DMA and VBP so the external SIP calls will be routed to DMA and then converted to H.323 ones. Don't forget to allow DMA site to route SIP calls "...via SIP-aware SBC or ALG". Take a look at VBP Configuration Guide -> Configuring the VBP SIP Voice Settings for more details.


By my experience this schema work well.


UPD: I had an "old" VBP in mind. With the new VBP 7301 this could be some nuance.

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