How to Login RSS 2000 through browser


How to Login RSS 2000 through browser

I recently tried to download RSS 2000 version 4 to through the Web interface, but failed due to our service contract was expired (don't know before the download). Now I got the service contract back and get the key code, but can not login any more through the web interface. I reset the password back to factory default through CLI, and can login in CLI, the "show" command showed the LAN IP address and default gateway are correct, but when I try to login through browser, put default login with Administrator as username and polycom as password, leaving the domain blank, and click "submit", still can not login. Any idea and suggestion? Thanks very much for any help!

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Re: How to Login RSS 2000 through browser




Please note that the RSS 2000 has two default accounts.


The login credentials are:


1. User name: administrator, Password: polycom

2. User name: POLYCOM, Password: POLYCOM


Please try the second user name and password combination.



I hope this helps!

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