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Huawei TE10 SIP Call Disconnects After 23 minutes

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Huawei TE10 SIP Call Disconnects After 23 minutes

Hi there all,


I have seemed to encounter an issue where any Huawei TE10 connected to the Clariti Stack seems to disconnect after exactly 23 minutes. This only occurs on SIP calls and H.323 calls seem perfectly stable. We have already increased the Keep Alive and this eliminated the initial couple of seconds disconnect but not the 23 minute issue. It seems the endpoint no longer recognises the data being sent and received and displays a message indicating no data has been received and will now disconnect just prior to hanging up. From all the logfiles and CDR's it seems to be a SIP update or re-invite that occurs from the DMA just prior to this happening. Any suggestions or solutions would be most appreciated.


Many thanks


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