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hi all,

I have one question : It is possible to register Huawei endpoint to Resource manager, after to work with these endpoints in DMA 7000 and RMX 2000 ?

What do you think ?

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Re: Huawei

I dont think so.

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Re: Huawei

With Huawei as with any other third party H.323 endpoint you can:

- add to RPRM manually as a guest (and so Huawei will be listed in the address book);

- use (register with) DMA as a gatekeeper;

- participate in RMX multipoint conferencies.


Depending of the RPRM - DMA integration mode Huawei DMA registration may be replicated in the RPRM endpoint table.


The above is checked in some our installations, nevertheless please note that Huawei equipment isn't listed in the Polycom Interoperability Tables and its common usage is at your own risk.

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