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Integration of CMA4000 with RMX1500


Integration of CMA4000 with RMX1500

I need to Integrate CMA 4000 & RMX 1500.


Currently I have integrated RMX 1000 with CMA 4000 and it is working fine with no issues.


Now I want to Integrate RMX 1500 with CMA 4000 so can anyone share the procedure for this to work.


As per the current situation, RMX1500 is registered in CMA4000 but CMA 4000 is unable to trigger Conference schedule to RMX 1500 (nothing can be shown in RMX1500 while in CMA 4000, I can see the status as Active Conference).



CMA4000 - 5.3.0.ER15

RMX1500 - 7.6.1

RMX1000 - 2.1.2


Also refer the attached snap & guide us.