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Managing groups and adresbooks

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Managing groups and adresbooks

Hello there,


I have a question concerning adressbooks and groups in the CMA version 6.0.1.




I have 3 companies with each 9 regular users and 1 CEO user

So I have 30 users divided in 27 regular users and 3 CEO users

The 10 users per company can only see there own users except the CEO

The CEO can see the users of his company and the other CEO´S but NOT the other regular users of the 2 companies


Specifications of CMA:


I have disable the area function

All users are in the same site (vbp-ST)


What I want is to make as few groups/adressbooks as possible, that means I don´t want to make a group for each CEO. Perfect would be 4 groups (3 for each company, 1 for the CEO´s)


I have tried the Area function to do this but that did not work, please some help or suggestions


Thanks Bas


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Re: Managing groups and adresbooks

I wish to second this. I, too, have been attempting to give our CMA multiple address books and so far, this hasn't been working out.


Can any one at Polycom give us an inkling what we may have overlooked?



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