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Media Suite Event report, statistics


Media Suite Event report, statistics



We just tested Media Suite event streaming features. The quality and experience was exellent, live video + content sharing on web and mobile stream + recording.. However I was wandering about how I could get a report of the number of web viewers.


Here's what I did.

1. I created an event template on admin portal with prelink. We sent out this link to our guests, so they could open the live stream via a guest user.

2. Presenter's got a video endpoint. I called out to him when event started. It worked like a charm.


After the test everybody was curious about some statistics about how many viewers saw the stream actually, when they joined/left, total number of viewers, maximum concurrent number of viewers, etc.


Can I get some info out of the box, even via API or log files. If not yet, is there any plan to this kind of feature?




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Re: Media Suite Event report, statistics

Did you ever get your question answered?  I never see anyone replying to questions and I'm not optimistic about Polycom support because of that.  

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