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Operating experience of CMA and DMA

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Operating experience of CMA and DMA

To assess the necessity of transition to the DMA set DMA in the two branches of the company.

Dialing rules on the CMA registered with redundancy RMX. I.e. if the main RMX off all calls will be transferred to the reserve RMX. This affects MR, GW, EQ RMX; trunks from AVAYA, CISCO, etc.

The DMA write such rules did not work. There is no possibility to specify a list of services, and the services are not tied to the RMX.

Refusal from CMA at a Central site is recognized as premature. We expect new versions of the DMA.


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Re: Operating experience of CMA and DMA

Google translator must be down. I think you are asking about how to make 2 RMXs redundant using a DMA. In the DMA, there is the concept of pools and pool order. When you add a RMX to a pool, you can define the list. So if the first RMX is not available, the DMA will automatically use the second RMX.



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