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Poly Clariti -Dial out call to External IP failed

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Poly Clariti -Dial out call to External IP failed

Hi Community,

We are using Poly Clariti solution.

DMA-C/DMA-E version: 10.0.0_P8_Build_12026

IPs: DMAC( <-->( internal-eth0 -DMAE external-eth1(


I am looking for hint what could cause the issue, that dialing from registered endpoint to external IP address is failing (via SIP or via H323). As you can see from attached signaling diagram DMA-C and DMA-E resolve dial string (IP address) correcty with dial rule "Resolve by IP address" , but from unknown reason DMA-E is not sending this call out to internet via eth1, but routing it via eth0 back to DMA-C.


Many thanks for any hint to fix this call routing issue.