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Problem with start CMAD trough VBP-ST

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Problem with start CMAD trough VBP-ST


The solution to the CMA "Initializing Call Stack" Issue a certificate for CMA4000 known.
And what about the certificate used in AccessProxy VBP-ST? With clients registered through VBP-ST is the same problem with freezing "Initializ ing Call Stack".
After installing the patch on CMA4000 certificate was re-copied to the VBP for communication with the CMA, but to communicate with external clients using the old CMAD set the default certificate vbpcrt.pem with a key vbpkey.pem.
I tried to change to a new certificate generated by me, but in this case shows "there is no trust to the publisher certificate" on clients RPM, and with customers CMAD the same problem with freezing "Initializing Call Stack".
I conducted an analysis of network packets at startup CMAD. In the normal run CMAD client in the local network from the server CMA package comes xmpp-client> "dynamic port number" [SYN, ACK]. Attempting to register client trough VBP-ST packet arrives from the server xmpp-client > "dynamic port number" [RST]

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Re: Problem with start CMAD trough VBP-ST

If you are using the default certificates, you do not need to copy the CMA cert to the VBP-ST. This is on;y needed if you added a cert to the CMA that is different from the self-signed cert.


You might want to check to see ifthe VBP-ST was added to the CMA correctly. make sure the VBP-ST has the 3 Access Proxy settings define and configured to point to the CMA.



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