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Proper Annex O dialing setup, large WAN with mutliple vendors implemented

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Proper Annex O dialing setup, large WAN with mutliple vendors implemented

   We have a complex fully routed regional WAN environment where our Polycom system is deployed. Some individual sites will be registered to other Cisco/Polycom systems, others may be stand alone units that do not want to register to either our GK or a different Cisco system, and units may registered to our CMA. This is an expansive routed WAN and multiple IT departments manage different sections of it. (Being that out systems can speak directly to each other and our endpoints can too, this adds complexity to deployment . The docuemntaiton often seem to speak only of deployments with an internal(us) and an external(them) type of configuraiton. As opposed to dealing with many "us" systems and then the internet(them).


Our environment is a CMA 4000 with RMX 2000 and a VBP-E(LAN/Subscriver-side gatekeeper mode) and a VBP-ST(WAN/Provider-side gatekeeper mode)


I have configuted DNS with just -  (As per the Poylcom documentation.) pointing to our external VBP-E box -


I see the standard ITU-T documentations also speaks about - SRV 0 1 2517 SRV 0 1 2517

However, I don't see this described in the Polycom documentation and the ports would be different.


   Our CMA should be neighbored with the other Gatekeepers properly as we had called local aliases before.(What if we aren't neighbored with one though - this is a big WAN.)  I need to properly configure not only our DNS for full Annex O dialing support from external callers but also internal callers who may be registered/not registered as described above. (To our GK, To the Cisco GK, or not registered at all) The bottom line is that any end point should be able to dial alias@domain and be resolved to either our system or the other regional systems. Then the next trick is how to test and certify that this is fully functional and troubleshoot if not.


   So I need to have my ANNEX O DNS correct and need my CMA/VBP-E/VBP-ST properly conigured to handle all dialing strings properly. My role as Polycom Administrator is just another hat of many. I've done my best with the original  implementation as performed by Polycom to keep it software updated and configured. I was hoping someone in the community might be willing to help me get this working correctly. Support seems more geared towards correcting very focused issues than correcting deployment,


Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can provide.



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Re: Proper Annex O dialing setup, large WAN with mutliple vendors implemented

Does anyone have any adice on proper ANNEX O dialing set up in a Polycom environment? The documentation is sparse that I am finding and the internal non-registered endpoints is a really big question for me. How would they know the correct address to connect to?


Any help is appreciated.

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