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RMX with Redvision P10 Gateway

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RMX with Redvision P10 Gateway

Hi All,


We had experienced yesterday that we were not video whille call routing via our third pard ISDN gateway,we have enabled H.261,263+ and 264 but far side party VC endpoint negociating with 261 we have tried to cheack to create H.263 and 264 codec support profile but each and every time far side endpoint neagocaiting on H.261 and our polycom endpoint negocaiting on H.264 as we have gateway involve between the conference and handshaking of endpoints but some how we are not reolving this issue.every time call downsppeding from 384KB to 64KB.


RMX software version -7.8

Radvison gateway p10



Yash Pal



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