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RPAD - Sip Federation Settings - TCP only

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RPAD - Sip Federation Settings - TCP only

Software version:


RPAD v3.0

VCS E x8.1.1


I am looking to configure a SIP trunk between the PRAD and a Cisco VCS Expressway using SIP, but not using TLS (the two devices cannot authent each others CAs).


On the RPAD, when I configure the SIP trunk under the federated service, I cannot fill in the Local Contact Port (it is just blank).


H.323 works fine, but I cannot choose anything for SIP. I have attached an image of the SIP settings I am trying to setup. The "local contact port" is just blank.


 Is this normal?




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Re: RPAD - Sip Federation Settings - TCP only

Hi, any response to this item.  We are considering the same setup, and would like to avoid any issues before proceeding. Assume RPAD to VCS Control would have the same results?



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Rocka Midgey

Re: RPAD - Sip Federation Settings - TCP only

Hi there,

If you upgrade your DMA and RPAD to the latest version then you do not need to federate to call a sip domain.

Just make sure on your RPAD that you the checkbox to enable B2B on both SIP 5060 and 5061.

If you want to do it the old way you will need to create a custom SIP port such as 5062 .etc and federate with that port. Otherwise it won't let you do it. This is why I recommend not federating as it's pointless and a waste of administrative time,
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Re: RPAD - Sip Federation Settings - TCP only

Hi Rocka,

I've got one question regarding to this topic. Is it possible to set somehow TLS to TCP fallback on RPAD ? If i want to solve situation that i make a B2B call from DMA registered endpoint to remote endpoint which is hidden behind VCS-E and call is dropped, because VCSE accept only TCP and RPAD don't fallback from TLS to TCP.


Thanks in advanced for soon answer

Best regards
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Re: RPAD - Sip Federation Settings - TCP only



Are there any updates on this?


I need to do a similiar setup and SIP trunks are required.

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