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RPAD external H323 calls not working


RPAD external H323 calls not working

I recently enabled external VTC communications, I configured my RPAD and I have H323 enabled and I'm by no means a polycom guru mostly self taught. 

I have inbound SIP calls working with no problem and H323 works fine internal but when I try to call into the RPAD using H323 the endpoint gets far end busy.

I see the call on the RPAD and it terminates it Reason: Terminated_by_remote: reason type Undefinedreason.

RPAD version 4.2.5

DMA version 6.4.1

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Re: RPAD external H323 calls not working

1. On the RPAD Configuration -> H.323 -> Bypass H.323 Federation Restrictions

"Allow any outbound LRQ"  Is that box checked? If so it should allow outbound calls. 

2. Is your dial rule configured correctly to route the call out? 

3. If that is checked it would be intresting to see if the firewall is blocking anything.

4. Check the site topology to make sure that the site is configured for H.323 routing and the "allowed via H.323-aware SBC or ALG" is enabled with the call signalling address of the RPAD on port 1720



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