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RPRM Best Practice Provision Templates

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RPRM Best Practice Provision Templates


I've just recently started to use RPRM starting with 10.2 and was looking for best practice templates or settings to use on the VVX / CX5500 and Trio 8800 units. 


I have originally set up the configuration files by hand on our FTP provisioning server and have slowly migrated them into RPRM. 


All of my VVX / CX5500 and Trio 8800 units are setup for Skype for Business and running the latest version of software released in December. 

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Re: RPRM Best Practice Provision Templates


At the end of last year we went through installation of RPRM and two days of services from Polycom to set up the config for VVX and Trio devices in our environment.  My previous experience was similar to yours with setting up an FTP server and creating those configs through trial and error.  Much of what ended up in the final configuration on the RPRM looks a good deal like what was on the FTP server.


Attached is what the Global tab looks like in Profiles Deployment.  Most of what is in there are standard config items or copies of them from the pre-mades.  Cut off at the top is BaseProfile-Skype.  Best pratice according to the Polycom rep doing our set up was place as much as possible in Global which I found interesting.  


Moving across the tab listing, no items are set in Endpoint Groups.  I created a few groups (Conference Rooms, Knowledge Worker, etc.)  for organization purposes.


In Endpoint Models the firmware is set per device type.  One recommendation from the rep was to always grab the split file.  It will load much faster for the UC firmware devices.  Attached are the options loaded at this level to the Trio.  We are a few revs behind due to user demand for full screen content.


On the Sites level the GMT offset is loaded per location and we toggle Websignin.disable for sites that are still on prem.


The Endpoint tab has nothing for the VVX phones.  This is where we load the log-in info for the Conference Room Trio.  We set the following:

  • device.logincred.domain
  • device.logincred.domain.set
  • device.logincred.password
  • device.logincred.password.set
  • device.logincred.user
  • device.logincred.user.set
  • reg.1.address
  • reg.1.auth.loginCredentialType
  • mr.pair.uid.1

A major help was direction on DHCP and VLAN standards from the Polycom rep.  The network team at my place of work are very protective of their systems and usually won't make changes without a higher authority.  

Hopefully this was helpful.  If you have questions don't hesitate to ask.


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Re: RPRM Best Practice Provision Templates

Videos can also be found:

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