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RPRM- Change domain used to register GS endpoints


RPRM- Change domain used to register GS endpoints

RPRM version 10.3.0_26


I am looking for a way to change the domain used by GS endpoints when using the RPRM as the provisioning service. Currently we are forced to use "local" as the domain name to access the RPRM provisioning server and they register without issue.


However, the GS is then forced to use "local" when trying to access the Microsoft directory server causing failure since this is not the correct domain. We are registering to Skype for Business for SIP and Exchange for calendaring and directory services and can register successfully to those services when not provisioning with RPRM.


Attached are screen captures of the field I am looking to change in the RPRM.


Re: RPRM- Change domain used to register GS endpoints

We were able to work through this issue with Polycom support.  The RPRM needs to have a machine account created in AD and then the credentials and domain of the room resource account are then entered in the Group Series endpoint to provision to RM.  Attached is the relevant page (p.60) from the RPRM Operations Guide for the AD configuration.

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Re: RPRM- Change domain used to register GS endpoints



Just adding another food for thought in case someone else comes across this post, there is another way of making this work while still using the local domain name. Some users are not ready to generate the list of users needed to support all of the endpoints. The path you are on is the recommended one as this allows for a central place to manage all the user accounts as this enhances your security. 


However, if you are using Group Series endpoints, you can simply enable the selectable GS provisioning setting under the general tab of any provisioning profile. This allows you to first select which feature on the other tabs to you want to provision. In this case, you select SIP, but not any other the settings. This way, you can still provision all the other settings using the local domain name while manually entering the SIP account information needed for Skype. Thw same is also true for the LDAP directory. Of course manually updating a few endpoints is easy, this does not scale well; hence, the recommendation from above...





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Re: RPRM- Change domain used to register GS endpoints

Thanks for the response.


That was indeed found to be the case with the SIP info but there was no selectable provisioning check box (that we or support found) for the domain of the directory server.  It always seemed to be locked to the domain used to provision with the RPRM.


There is a chance it was missed but it felt like we worked though some pretty exhaustive testing with every selectable option in both the admin config and network provisioning profiles.  Perhaps we didn't get the right collection of boxes checked and unchecked in the correct places.

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