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RPRM - Dynamic Management Software Updates


RPRM - Dynamic Management Software Updates


We are using RPRM (10.2.0_51) and we have the following issue.

We have one Group Series 500 device which is dynamically managed.

We have successfully updated the GS500 system (to the latest software version 6.1.5) through RPRM (status in RPRM "success") but the device entered in some kind of infinite loop, in the sense that the software update is constantly applied to the device. The device is automatically rebooted and the update process starts again and so on.


We have removed the software update package from RPRM and factory restore the Group Series 500 device with a USB stick (software version 6.1.5). 

After this the device requested the initial configuration. The problem is when we configured the provisioning server and the device was added in RPRM, the update process started again.


The question is how can we remove the software update package from RPRM?

We already deleted it from RPRM but somehow the update is constantly pushed towards the device.


Thank you in advance.


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