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RPRM Dynamic Managment

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RPRM Dynamic Managment

Is anyone else experiencing these gaps in the RPRM dynamic management solution? 

1. When using a local endpoint account and the provisioning profile is configured to use First Name-Last Name, the system name is actually configured Last Name-First Name in the endpoint (Group Series), yet H.323 alias is set correctly First Name-Last Name...very strange

2. In the Admin Profile the point-to-point auto answer does not have a DND option, however the endpoints have this option so that when they are in a call, and someone dials in the endpoint does not ring interruption the call in progress 

3. When maintenance window is enabled and new endpoints are added via dynamic provisioning cannot add new keys to the software upgrade file.

4. When Enterprise Directory Settings are enable, they do not propagate to the Group Series Endpoint. Even with the AD groups configured, when looking at the endpoint .profile and the web interface the AD groups for admin and user are not populated nor working in the endpoint. However they are also not grey out (or non-selectable) as most provisioned fields. Instead I had to manually populate these fields in the web interface of the endpoint. 

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