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RPRM - Group Series 500 device status "Gatekeeper Unregistered"

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RPRM - Group Series 500 device status "Gatekeeper Unregistered"


We are using RPRM version "10.1.0-237804".

Dynamically provsioning group series 500s, system version Release - 6.1.3-390050.


I can not deploy RPRM as a useful dashbord for VC health status, as it reports all of our group series with device status error. "Gatekeeper Unregistered".

Even though in provisioning profiles I have tried to set both manually and enforced the following settings...


Use Gatekeeper "off"

Use gatekeeper for multipoint calls "Never"


We registered the group series to Skype for Business on prem fully up to date.

We not not use a H323 gateway/gatekeeper/CMA etc...

We have H323 enabled & SIP enabled on group series, although once IP-IP calling behaviour is weaned out, we will disable H323. Until that point we have users calling from SfB directroy/Join meetings, or some still in the practice of calling IP-IP H323 calls.


Any pointers would be great, as this currently looks like a bug to me, much like it was reporting directory unregistered as well until the recent 6.1.3 update.


Many thanks




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