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RPRM Policy Priority order

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RPRM Policy Priority order

Hi all,

I am facing a problem where I want to apply special policys for testgroups (for new firmware, etc.) which contradicts the default policy.

As usual my vvx phones are attached to sites based on their IP addresses. One site specific policy now defines the firmware update location which is a local ftp server to avoid downloading updates from the central RPRM. For testing purposes I have now created a testgroup as endpoint group and associated 2 phones with it and a different update policy pointing to a different firmware. My understanding was that policy's will be applied with priority order global > endpoint groups > models > sites > endpoints. Thus the endpoint group policy should have a higher priority then the site policy. But from the provisioning.cfg I can see that actually the site policy prevails. Naturally I tried associating the test update policy directly to the endpoint and that worked but is not really practical.

Any ideas how I could achieve my goal?

Regards Robert

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Re: RPRM Policy Priority order

I believe I have something similar - I have 2 endpoints that I test with which I want different porvisioning profiles applied to than the others in the same site. 


I had to make a new rule, and use the serial numbers as the differentiator,  place the rule it above the rule for the site the endpoints are in so that rule is encountered first


Once the endpoint hits a rule that is accepted, it will stop searching for rules to process.

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