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RPRM - monitoring false positives for offline and SIP unregistered

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RPRM - monitoring false positives for offline and SIP unregistered

Hi everyone,


Just wanted to see if anyone has any input on this. I regularly find half a dozen or so phones in RPRM's monitor view which report as being offline or SIP unregistered.


I then visit the phone's web interface and 99% of the time it is registered and online, but if you try to call it or conference it in, Skype disconnects the call and tells you it can't be reached because it's offline.


If someone physically goes to the phone and performs some actions that bring it's presence up from Away to Active, this problem obviously disappears and the phone can be reached via Skype and RPRM reports it as up.


The point of this is that it's not very helpful to have monitoring software tell me that something is offline when it's not, because I either waste time working on phones that have nothing wrong with them, or worse, become complacent when I see things listed as offline, assuming a false positive, and possibly ignore a real problem.


Would love to hear someone's thoughts on this and whether you think there is a solution.

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Re: RPRM - monitoring false positives for offline and SIP unregistered

Hello @AVguyMD ,


Welcome to the Poly Community.

Could you kindly provide at least the RPRM and the Phone software version in question?


I believe we fixed a similar issue in 10.7 RPRM and there are known limitations due Firewall etc.


Dec 06, 2017 Question: What could cause heartbeat issues on a RealPresence Resource Manager RPRM using Polycom phones?

Resolution: Please check => here <=

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Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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Re: RPRM - monitoring false positives for offline and SIP unregistered

Hi Steffen,


Thanks for your input - the RPRM software version is 10.4.0_38, and the phone software versions are,, and

I'll work to update RPRM and the phone software and see if that resolves the issue.

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