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RPRM shows all VSX systems offline

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RPRM shows all VSX systems offline

Our Resource Manager (ver. has started showing all but 1 of our VSX series (5000, 6000, 7000) as offline but all of our Group series (300, 500, 700) show online and are green across the board. I'm in the process of getting the resource manager updated to ver 10 but I don't know if that will fix my issue.


I have been unable to find any commonality between all the "offline" VSX codecs. I think the network team changed something because I was to be able to web into all the codecs but now I can only get into a few, most come back as unreachable, others I get the security cert expired warring and get blocked there. My first thought was since I can't web into them the resource manager can't hit them either so it thinks they are offline, but the codecs I can still web into show as offline also. I have enabled security mode on some, but that changed nothing (web in ability or offline status in resource manager).


I can still connect to all the codecs because I've changed it to dial its alias but I hate seeing all that red. Does anyone know what the issue might be?

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