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RPRM v10 and ContentConnect


RPRM v10 and ContentConnect



We upgraded our RPRM in version 10. but it doesn't contain the ContentConnect in the Instance type.


Could anyone tell us how to add the ContentConnect in the Intances?


Thank you in advance,


best regards



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Polycom Employee

Re: RPRM v10 and ContentConnect

You don't need to add it as an instance. Just point the Content Connect server to the RPRM as the license server. CCS will be licensed based on the number of calls licensed on the DMA.



Michael K. Bromley, CVE, CCENT, WCNA, VCA-DCV
Technical Lead
Infrastructure Technical Support Center
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Re: RPRM v10 and ContentConnect

Hello MikeB,


Thank you again!

The thing is the licences are expired, so we can't see them anymore on flexera.

That's another issue that will be fixed.


Best regards

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