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RSS 4000 Web API - Authentication error

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RSS 4000 Web API - Authentication error



Would you help me , please? All my previous attemts to use RSS Web API failed. 



Unfortunately, the documentation doesn't provide any problem solution described below.

The following problem arises each time I send any request to API : 

If I set any incorrect login in WSSE header  I get following error from server -

The security token could not be authenticated or authorized; nested exception is: USERNAME_INVALID</faultstring>

    - that's clear. 

But if I set any existing login and any correct or incorrect password for this login then I get following unhandled exception : 

            <faultstring>Fault occurred while processing.</faultstring>

- an there is no more any debug information.


Please, would you give me any idea what the problem could be? 


Hardware Version 6.0

Software Version rev 37457 Build: 03/09/15


There is one important detail - the server has experied SSL-sertificate. That could possibly be the reason?



Thanks in advance.

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