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RSS4000 : Customize archives name but Wrong Time ???

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RSS4000 : Customize archives name but Wrong Time ???



I configured a VRR with the option "Use a Custom Name Prefix for Archive File Names: Prefix Name + Date + Time"  enabled.


But : When the  archive is generated it do not respect the predefined name customization , especialy for time a succession of numbers Like 987456981265 is in the name of the archive and not the correct time .


An example of generated archive name was :  Rec_05062014_987456981265



The Prefixe name was OK

The Date wase OK

The time is Not OK


I have verified the time of the RSS in System config /System Time and it's OK



Ver rev 35259

Hardware ver 6.0


Any help ?


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Re: RSS4000 : Customize archives name but Wrong Time ???



The succession of numbers is actualy the time : Hour,Minutes,Seconds,and milliseconds 


But the reported time is always -1 hours the actual time even the time configured in RSS is correct . How i fixe that ?


Also, I dont want to report the seconds and milliseconds in the name of the archives , I want to customize the name like below :


Prefixe Name_Date(Day/Month/Year)_Time(Hours/Minuts)




Any Help


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