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Real Presence capture server (aka) Media suite

Real Presence capture server (aka) Media suite



Currently am evaluating real presence media suite version 2.1. Right now i had integrated my media suite with my DMA (version 6.3) and we are using RMX 2000 (version 8.5.4) for the recodring link.


Here am able to record the ongoing conference using DTMF tones. There is one more option to initiate the recording whcih is know as "dial out to record" from media suite.


But when i dialed a VMR am getting an error as "call is forbidden". When i checked the call history in DMA, it is not resolving to the VMR (eg:XYZ) which is availble and assigned to RMX 2000 instead DMA is routing the call to Internet/VPN site.


In the display details of call history am seeing the dial string as this sip:XYZ@Ip address:5061;/vmr;transport=TLS

and in the final dial string as sips:XYZ@Ip address:5061


Does the final string have impact for this call


Can anyone help me on this.




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Re: Real Presence capture server (aka) Media suite

Is there anyone still using Prmm? Is there any support for it since everyone left Polycom that came from Accordent? 

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