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RealPresence Media Manager Portal Customization

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RealPresence Media Manager Portal Customization

I am looking for some guidance on customizing RPMM (ver 6.0) portal.  First is the forgot password link on the login page.  We are configured for LDAP so the forgot password link does not suit.  Trying to figure out which file to edit to change this link to point to our Active Directory password reset url.  Second is the add the event to your calendar link included in the event confirmation email.  We would like to remove this link all together from the confirmation emails.  Our user base does not have Outlook think client as everyone uses OWA.


Many Thanks.


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Polycom Employee
Polycom Employee

Re: RealPresence Media Manager Portal Customization

If you are still on v6.0, i strongly recommend you contact your Polycom rep to discuss an upgrade to 6.5 or the Q1 2014 release of 6.6.


That said, you can find customization and other info in the admin guide.  V6.0 and v6.5 are pretty similar, and the 6.5 guide was rewritten - so i'd start there.


Polycom® RealPresence® Media Manager 6.5 - Software Edition Administrators' Guide (PDF)

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