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Security - Encryption - end-to-end

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Security - Encryption - end-to-end


before switching to video-conferences with polycom we are wondering about different security-issues:


1) does the datastream (video / audio) go only beween the participants of a conference or via a central server?

2) does an end-to-end-encryption exist?

3) What kind of protocols are used? (SIPS, SRTP).


Seeing the problems of american companies with their security services and different judges (now for example apple, but also Microsoft and others) we dont want to have unencrypted data and we dont want any data going via central servers, especially not via America.

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Polycom Employee

Re: Security - Encryption - end-to-end

Hi Gregor,
Its not so simple to answer, because you should explain what solution you have in mind;

Infrastructure? Endpoints? external communications? Cloud Service?

Well, in a regula, on primesse videoconference communication, the RTP packets (datastream as you said) are changed between endpoints.
(Of course if there is a FW traversal, like RPAD, between the endpoints it will pass through this FW traversal)


End-to-end encryption exists, but it can limit you solution, depending on your environment.


Filipe Dantas
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