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Smooth Streaming Live and OnDemand issues

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Smooth Streaming Live and OnDemand issues

I have a Real Presence Capture Station (version 6.5, Build 1, R18)


I am publishing streams for IOS, IIS Smooth Streaming and Windows Media.

Those streams are being published to windows server 2008 R2 Server.


The issue I have is the IIS Smooth Streaming presentation will not stream live or on demand for IE.

On the windows server I can see that the server push is working and a streams starts (IIS Manager) I was able to create one stream that is playable ondemand but without making any other changes to the configuration none of the other test streams work.


The windows media version will not stream live using the Polycom skin but if I enter the the IP address to the publishing point Example (http://111.222.333: 8080/live)  I can play the stream using Windows Media Player. I can play the stream on demand as a progressive download using the POLYCOM Skin. 


The IOS version streams live and ondemand (using Apple HLS)


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Re: Smooth Streaming Live and OnDemand issues

Did you ever get a reply to your problem?  Does anyone still support the capture stations?

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