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VBP 7301 Session Has Expired


VBP 7301 Session Has Expired



I have a new problem on my VBP 7301. Two days ago i was connected to it. But now i can not login with the same user/pwd.


I did a reset password with the CLI command



cp /etc/default/shadow /etc/config/shadow

killall -1 boa


Then, i was asked to change the default password on the web interface.



But when i tried to connect with this new password, the same message appears again and again:

Your session has expired


I do not know why, i did what it was asked for.


Can anyone had the same issue and how can i resolve it?


Thank you ! :)

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Re: VBP 7301 Session Has Expired



A simple reboot of the VBP after this command line has resolved the issue

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