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VBP5300LF2 E25 / CMA4000 Newbie

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VBP5300LF2 E25 / CMA4000 Newbie

I am fairly new to this VBP/CMA4000 hardware and configuration game, and would appreciate some help getting it set up. 

I have a CMA4000 and VBP 5300LF2-E25 Series.  After combing through the community here I have managed to get both of these devices on the network.  I would appreciate any help moving forward with my setup.  My goal is to register endpoint devices to my CMA (this include HDX enpoints, and CMA Destkop endpoints) and have the CMA4000 route calls internally to between devices, and externally to the VBP.  I am at the point of trying to connect my VBP to the CMA 4000.  I have defined my VBP as a network device, but it constantly shows as down.  


Looking at my config here, I have the VBP E Series set up as LAN Side Gatekeeper mode with the address of the gatekeeper as the CMA4000.

I have set up the VBP device in the CMA 4000 as a network device (it shows as down all the time not sure why)

The CMA can ping the VBP, but it still shows as down.


The second piece of the puzzle might be solved by remedying the first one, but when I configure a site in sites and services. and set up a site to fowared calls to the ALG (I assume is the VBP).  I enter the IP address of the VBP, click o.k., and the address information does not stay.  


These two things could be related, but I am sure that I cannot get the rest of this going without configuring those two things. Any help would be appreciated!



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Re: VBP5300LF2 E25 / CMA4000 Newbie

Hello ttruka!


at first: please open >VBP_Configuration_Guide_11_2_6< and take a look at the chapters:

"Configuring the VBP E-Series Appliance for LAN-side Gatekeeper Mode"  page 64,

"Optional VBP-E at the Headquarters Location - CMA Settings" page 137.


What software version do you use? (VBP, CMA)


main configuration steps, which you should do:

  1. delete the VBP E from the CMA Network Devices, because this menu is using only for the VBP ST devices.
  2. configure network and route settings on the VBP.
  3. check your firewall configuration (required ports are listed on the page 49)
  4. select LAN/Subscriber-side gatekeeper mode on the VBP and enter the IP address of the CMA in the LAN/Subscriber-side GK address field
  5. configure a topology on the CMA, enable the Allowed via H.323 aware SBC or ALG setting in the Site>Routing/Bandwidth page, enter the IP address of the VBP's LAN interface in the Call Signaling IPv4 Address.
  6. Create Site-Link between a Site and Internet/VPN site.



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