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changing the outbound SIP INVITE from: address


changing the outbound SIP INVITE from: address

my DMA 7000 on 6.1.0_Build_159296 is converting h.323 calls to SIP and sending them to a neighbor SIP peer which is a Cisco VCS. I've gone through the Polycom UC to Cisco deployment W7 article and addressed this:


Calls from DMA to VCS using SIP may get denied
Possible Cause: When DMA forms the SIP Invite, it will use the format: <extension/host>@<IP_Address/DNS name of configured SIP Peer>. VCS may not like this and may prefer to see <extension/host>@<VCS domain/sub-domain>.
Workaround: In DMA under the External SIP Peer configuration, in the Destination Network field, fill in the domain/sub-domain that VCS is responsible for.


But i'm having a problem where the DMA is sending the invite with a <host>@<DMA ip address> as the from:. The VCS doesn't like that and wants the from: to be <host>@<MY domain>. I've added the proper <MY domain> to the local domain list in Admin>Call Server>Domains and checked the three boxes there, but it's still not helping. 


On the VCS side, I can see the incoming call, it connects, and then 30 seconds later it disconnects with a "200 - ok" disconnect reason. My endpoint does not get video. I'm trying to get the <DMA ip address> added to the VCS neighbor zone, but those admins don't seem to understand my request.


any ideas?



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Re: changing the outbound SIP INVITE from: address

Hi Brian


Why do you use a DMA for converting H.323 to SIP? I prefer use a VCS for converting, the reasone is:

In H.323, DTMF tones are usually sent over the H.323 signaling path. In SIP, DTMF tones are usually
sent over the media path as a special RTP payload packet (see RFC 4733). Because of this difference
and because the RealPresence DMA system isn’t in the media path, its gateway function doesn’t
support DTMF transmission. 

(DMA Operating guide)


and some advices to you:


1) take a look at the resolution of >this post<    might be it will help


2) I think you can try add Transform rule (Configuration > Dial plan > Transforms) on VCS for transform <extension>@<DMA ip address> to <extension>@<vcs.domain>


Pattern type:           Regex

Pattern string:        (.*)@<ip address  of DMA>((:|;).*)?    example: (.*)@|;).*)?

Pattern behavior:  Replace

Replace string:     \1@vcs.domain\2

State:                      Enabled








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Re: changing the outbound SIP INVITE from: address

I want the DMA to do the h.323->SIP trascode for a couple reasons... 

  • there is the desire to use SIP on our WAN links
  • I'm trying to move our endpoints to SIP
  • Shouldn't the DMA already be sending from:<>? 
  • the internal domain we use on the corp LAN is different than the domain that the VCS is searching for
  • I cannot control the VCS and it's set to <> - convincing them to add <@ip> hasn't been successful yet

The dial tone issue is known, but not so much an issue for our enviroment. 

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