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few questions about dma


few questions about dma

Im in the process of reading the api and operations guide but have a few general questions about the dma.


On an RMX i can just create a conference (dont even need participants).  However the create conference api offered by the dma seems to be tied to conference room. 

Is there any way to create a conference via the dma api that is more similiar to RMX (without a conference room)? 

Also how do i create a conference via the web gui of the dma?



I create a conference on an RMX thats under the DMA, then call list conferences on the DMA but nothing is returned.  Why is that?  https://<ip of dma>:8443/api/rest/conferences

In the docs it says "If the user has the Conference Operator permission, the user can see the ongoing and scheduled conferences created by any user"

I thought that my user maybe didnt have this persmission so i searched but didnt find it nor a place to assign it (for my user).


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Re: few questions about dma

Some of the issues have seemed to be resolved when creating conferences on the RPRM (real presence resource manager) instead of on the DMA or RMCS (real presence collaboration server/rmx).

which bring about some new questions

is the RMRM always implied (always paired with a DMA integeration)?

is that the proper starting place of a conference in this configuration (RPRM, DMA and RMCS)?

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