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BToE Skype for Business logon


BToE Skype for Business logon

Hi, do someone know where the BToE (3.7) or the SfB get the Logonname that are autofilled into the Logon PopUp, if the BToE is used? I ask, because the Logonname is filled with DOMAIN\Username but we need now the UPN (Email-Address) because we are using now O365 as Office/Calendar. And now it would be great if you could change it somehow or somewhere! Regards, Oliver
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Re: BToE Skype for Business logon

Does nobody else have the problem when using On Premise SfB Server and O365 (for mail/calendar)?

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Re: BToE Skype for Business logon

We do have exactly the same setup and issue. Polycom Support is pointing us to Microsoft, as the logon screen comes from the SfB client and aguably so, the logic to prepoulate the user name field.

MS Premier Support is so far not able to help either.


Only indication that this must me achievable (although causeing too many side effects for us to deploy) is this way to make the UPN appear as User name by basically disabling modern auth / ADAL with leads to more password prompts, and removes big parts of your SSO - not what you want really.


EnableAdAL REG_DWORD 0x0
NoDomainUser REG_DWORD 0x1

DisableNTCredentials REG_DWORD 0x1



So that makes at least two of us suffering from this :)

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