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Failed to fetch the user certificate error message

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Re: Failed to fetch the user certificate error message

Hello cdonner,


Thank you for your suggestion.  Unfortunately that didn't work for me.  I attempted to downgrade to the firmware you suggested, but my phone did not like that.  It went into a look where it would try to update the firmware, reboot, download the updater (?), then it would reboot and do it again.  It would eventually give me an error message about not being able to access a .cng file (I think - I can't recall the axact message), and I would have to go into the set up (during boot up) and reset the phone.  I tried this several times and had the same issue.  I had someone else downgrade their phone.  They were able to do it, but still received the same error message.  I'm at a loss here.  We are looking into purchasing the SKU licenses, but from what the community manager stated, this is most likely not related to the licenses so that will not fix my issue.  If you have any other suggestions, I'm all ears.  I inherited this VoIP set up, and don't have a lot of experience with it.  I'm learning as I go.



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Re: Failed to fetch the user certificate error message

Hello @NMRConsulting,


You are missing the point.


You must purchase or or provide proof that you purchased the relevant licenses in order to utilize these non Skype for Business SKU phones.


There is no movement on this and this is the initial thing you must do. I personally doubt our partner Microsoft would assist you in any form if you would run their software without having a valid license.


The next step for you is to open a Pay Per Incident Ticket via a Polycom reseller in order to get this into support. This is the next requirement as all your phones are out of warranty.


At this stage we will check if you have the above relevant license.


From there on we will support you identifying the root cause of your issue.


I will close this discussion as all options have been outlined and explained.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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