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GS500 + Trio 8800 Camera Tracking

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GS500 + Trio 8800 Camera Tracking


I have a Group Series 500 with a EagleEye IV and producer paired to a Trio 8800 and I have a couple questions related to camera tracking. I am using the Skype for Business baseprofile.


  1. I know I will have employees which go into the camera menu and select to turn off camera tracking. Is there a way to prevent camera tracking from being turned off?
  2. I am using Resource Manager to manage the Trio. I have setup the polling interval to be every 1 hour.  I have also added a configuration profile that sets = 1.  Is this sufficient to re-enable camera tracking if an employee had previously turned it off?  Yes I know this will only get applied on the polling interval.
  3. Is there a way to reset camera tracking back to enabled after each call?

In case its not obvious, my desire is have camera tracking enabled for all calls regardless of what the previous meeting set.

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Re: GS500 + Trio 8800 Camera Tracking

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To my own personal knowledge there is no way for the RPRM to overwrite a setting made via the UI as this has a higher priority. To my knowledge there is also no way of stopping a user from doing this.


The only option would be to hide the Camera Button:


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I have ran this by our product management team and they logged this as EN-131564 “Add ability to reset camera tracking after the end of a call”


Please be aware that this is not a commitment from our end and I cannot produce you with an ETA as every opportunity has to be evaluated.


I explain this here:


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I can only suggest you work with your reseller or Poly Sales Engineer to track this correctly.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier

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