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Hot Desking Troubles

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Hot Desking Troubles



I have fleet of 480 phones and was wondering if anyone has any where I should start.  Purchase VVX311 over a year ago.  I was planning on the using the hot desk feature on a small number of these when 5.7 came out.   I have tried both 5.7 and newer releases.   Now recently Polycom UC Software Rev C.    I tried different versions of Polycomm and few different phones.  I tried pearing down configuration file:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<device device.set="1" />
<device device.baseProfile.set="1" />
<device device.baseProfile="Lync" />
<device"Enabled" />
<device device.auxPort.enable.set="1" />
<device device.auxPort.enable="0" />
<device device.auth.localAdminPassword="XXXX" device.auth.localAdminPassword.set="1" device.auth.localUserPassword="XXX" device.auth.localUserPassword.set="1" />
<device device.prov.tagSerialNo="1" />
<device device.prov.lyncDeviceUpdateEnabled="1" device.prov.lyncDeviceUpdateEnabled.set="1" />
<tcpIpApp tcpIpApp.sntp.address="" />
<tcpIpApp.sntp.gmtOffset tcpIpApp.sntp.gmtOffset="-28800"></tcpIpApp.sntp.gmtOffset>
<capture diags.pcap.enabled="1"  diags.pcap.remote.enabled="1" />
<lcl lcl.datetime.time.24HourClock="0" />
<reg reg.1.useTelUriAsLineLabel="0" />
<reg reg.1.auth.usePinCredentials="1" reg.1.auth.useLoginCredentials="0" reg.1.extension="YYYYY""XXXXX" />
<httpd httpd.enabled="1" httpd.cfg.enabled="1" httpd.cfg.secureTunnelPort="443" httpd.cfg.secureTunnelEnabled="1" httpd.cfg.secureTunnelRequired="1" />


The systoms that I am getting are:

-Slow login to Skype for business 3 to 4 minutes.  (Guest User)  (This would be ok but)

-If cancel the sign of the host user or guest user the phone sits in an unusable state.  I left the phone for an hour it still doesn't sign in as the host user.

-If I reboot the phone it sitll doesn't login.   Removed all of the files on the FTP with execption of my config file and reboot still doesn't fix it.

-Factory is the only way to get the phone to sign is as CAP phone.


Where should I go from here?


Allen Armstrong




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Re: Hot Desking Troubles

Hello @AllenArmstrong ,

Your post ended up in the Spam Filter so I moved this here.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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