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How can you turn off MWI feature on VVX phones

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How can you turn off MWI feature on VVX phones

We recently had to migrate our voicemail services from Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging to Microsoft Cloud Voice Mail.  With this change we are not getting accurate message waiting indicators on our Polycom VVX phones.  Per Microsoft they are no longer supporting MWI functionality. I’d like to find out from Polycom what settings need to be changed in our configuration files to disable the phones from polling for MWI/Voicemail Messages.  We still need to be able to check voicemail using the messages button from the phone, but do not want the notifications on the phone sets. We are using the Polycom provisioning server for phone provisioning.

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Re: How can you turn off MWI feature on VVX phones

You can disable the Message Waiting Indicator on the VVX with the following UCS parameter.  Set the value to '0' to turn it off and the .1. in the parameter name indicates the registration line that you are using to register to Skype for Business (which is typically Line 1).




Jeff Schertz - Principal Microsoft Solutions Architect [Blog]

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Re: How can you turn off MWI feature on VVX phones

it seems Microsoft does not support MWI in CVM. suddenly we started having this same issue where users are seeing MWI always on. however we do not want to disable it but somehow enable this feature. as per Microsoft Polycom does provide this function. can anyone confirm if anyone seeing MWI working fine ? and if yes what firmware version of Poly VVX is used ? Is this feature supported by Polycom in versions? currently we are on

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