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Microsoft MFA and VVX

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Microsoft MFA and VVX

So, we have O365 mail in the cloud, but use a 3rd party hosted Skype vendor/server.  We are testing enabling MFA, but it is a mess when it comes to the phones.


So logging into the Skype soft client on the computer uses your regular AD login/pass.  No problem.  But the phone then can't connect to the Exchange services due to that needing a different/3rd party app password you create. OK issue is the takes the password from the client and stuff it into the phone.  It fails to find the Exchange services for contacts our vendor says 1) Polycom doesn't support MFA officially (really????)

2) Go into the phone web interface, Applications, and disable Autodiscovery, then put 

put "" in the field.  Reboot phone.


3) When phone restarts, go into Settings, Skype Login, enter your userID, then use the 3rd party App you created on the Web.


Ok, did all of that, but it fails the login on the phone.


Also, when you connect the BTOE, it tries to use the password you entered for the network/Active Directory and puts that into the login that won't work either with two different systems.


Any ideas or if this is even supported and working?



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Re: Microsoft MFA and VVX

We use Microsoft MFA and VVX so it's likely due to configuration or the 3rd party hosted Skype set up.

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Re: Microsoft MFA and VVX


We're in the same boat, have you made any progress on this? 

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