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Polycom S4B Automatic Upgrade even though its disabled

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Polycom S4B Automatic Upgrade even though its disabled



I’ve been encountering some issues with our Polycom VVX 410 IP phones and was hoping you could maybe help pinpoint the root cause. We have some phones that are automatically trying to push an update but keep getting stuck in the loop phase. This issue was happening a lot when we first set up the phones but after doing some investigation we found a setting which disabled the auto update feature via PowerShell which stopped the updates from occurring for a while. But recently more and more phones are experiencing the same issue again even though we set “EnableDeviceUpdate” to false. And its random phones that happen at random times. We have phones that are on different Domain Controllers since we have offices in two different states using these phones, and it seems to effect phones in both offices.


We did some testing and discovered this only occurs while the phones are on our internal network versus being on the guest network, which led us to believe it was the firewall. So we enabled an incoming rule from which when going through the logs seemed to be where the phones are pulling the update files from. Tested after configuring the new rule but no luck, phones continued to loop when trying to update.


I've attached the logs from the most recent test on these phones while on the internal network. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.





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Re: Polycom S4B Automatic Upgrade even though its disabled

Hi @JaySingh ,


I just checked the VVX Mac 64167f645229 and found this is a 2200-48400-025 which does not come with the relevant Poly per phone Skype License.


Please be aware of the following when utilizing UCS 4.1.0 or later:

The use of Polycom UC Software versions 4.1.X (“Software”) requires the purchase of a separate Software license for every device that will use the Software in a LYNC / Skype for Business environment. You may not install, access, or use the Software in a LYNC / Skype for Business environment on more devices than are listed on your license until additional licenses have been purchased and authorized by Polycom. These licenses should be purchased from the same company from which you purchased the devices. You may operate devices against a LYNC / Skype for Business server for trial purposes for up to 30 days without purchasing a license. Use of the Software is subject to the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement.

Polycom reserves the right to audit your deployment to verify that you have sufficient licenses to match the number of devices being used.

Information in regards to License Part Numbers can be found here


SCANSOURCE INC sold this back in 27/09/2018 so do you or your organization have proof of purchase of licenses for these Phones?


This would be a separate purchase order for every phone you utilize towards Poly.


Best regards


Steffen Baier


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