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Polycom Trio 8500/8800 Teams Intune Check in and Time issues

Ruslan Bakharev

Polycom Trio 8500/8800 Teams Intune Check in and Time issues

Hi everyone,


I wonder if anyone faced similar issues like us with Trio 8500/8800 running with MS Teams profile.


We have almost 100+ Trio devices in our company provisioned in Teams with Intune.

Previously Polycom released firmware which allows 8500/8800 to pass Root Device check and we were able to normally register such devices in Intune and Teams.

Current FW version we use is


But it seems like these devices are not properly making Intune Device Check in (basically they do it for some period of time and randomly stop). It is critical because we have Intune Devices cleanup and if they were not checking for 45 days >> it will be automatically removed. And I had quite enough dropped devices...

And for Trios it making a real pain because in that case you have to re-provision device from scratch.


Sync push from Intune portal doesn't work.

You have to do it manually from the Polycom Trio device meni via Company Portal "Sync Policies" button. It helps but only temporary.

Well I've tried to raise ticket with MS but they're not sure how to get the Intune logs from the device. So was able to provide them only general syslog info.

And it's definitely not a network issue because some devices were connected to bare internet and still have the same issues.


We've also noticed with them that Trio 8500/8800 devices have strange problem with Time Sync.

If you check the attached screen you will see that device have 2 different Time value.

MS told that Time sync problems may potentially affect Intune Device check in.

So it  first of all this 2 Different Time Value indicators (I guess one of them is Polycom Device time and second is Teams Client).

And it also incorrectly syncs time zone i.e. device on the screen set to GMT+3 without winter time but it still shows GMT+4 Time.

Such issues faced on most our devices.


I wonder if anyone faced these issues and found solutions/workarounds for that


Thank you

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Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: Polycom Trio 8500/8800 Teams Intune Check in and Time issues

Hello @Ruslan Bakharev ,


Welcome to the Poly Community.

From our FAQ:


July 31. 2019 Question: How can I report Issues with Teams running on a Poly phone in Native Teams mode?

Resolution: Please collect the Logs as shown => here <=  and submit them to our Partner Microsoft. You will need to work with Microsoft for this via the explained method >here<.


Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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Ruslan Bakharev

Re: Polycom Trio 8500/8800 Teams Intune Check in and Time issues

Hi Steffen,


We already have ticket with MS for that and I've provided them this info via Report an Issue.

So that's all I could do in this case and I have to wait.

Do I understand correctly that from Polycom perspective these 2 issues should be investigated with Microsoft and not with Polycom?


I'm interested if anyone noticed similar issues and how they deal with them  

Thank you

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