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Polycom oAuth 2.0 firmware in Fall release

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Polycom oAuth 2.0 firmware in Fall release

So, there is going to be one last release later in the Fall for this oAuth 2.0 requirement for Skype for Business in order for your phone to work.


Is this going to have the USB flaw fixed finally amongst other things?  The USB issue I'm referring to is the annoying red alert about a usb device plugged into the back of a phone an warning about needing power for charging.  We use the USB for images for screen savers...and all I get is user's complaining and opening suppor tickets wondering why their phone does this.


So I've gone back to 5.8xx firmware where it doesn't exist anymore.  Every release still has this issue including 6.x versions still, never resolved.


Would be great if Polycom would fix this.


Or, if somebody else has an alternative method to push images to the phone for screen saver without a USB stick plugged into the back?!?!



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